Tanya Babic and Jason Sukadana are the award winning directing duo, VERSUS.

We don’t believe in labels. We do believe filmmaking is an art.

We blend stylish visuals with compelling storytelling to jolt viewers out of mindless scrolling.

Whether it’s 3 seconds, 3 minutes or 3 episodes, everything we make gets the level of craft, polish and passion it deserves. That’s not to say we’re precious or slow. In fact, we’re quite the opposite.

We love to collaborate.

We are invested in people and believe that being nice doesn’t cost a thing but adds value to everything we do.

And even though we’re comfortable travelling at dizzying speeds, we’ll never skimp on our art.

VERSUS is here to change shit up.


Vs. STUDIO is the boutique production and post-production house behind VERSUS.

It is a collective of talented and experienced creatives, producers, on & offline editors, composers, VFX artists, colourists, and freelance specialists, offering full-service production and post-production capabilities.

Vs. STUDIO exists to ensure the VERSUS vision remains true from inception to delivery. Unlike other production companies, it is an extension of the directorial team, providing a simple and economical alternative for agencies and clients.

To find out more about our capabilities and collaborators, get in touch.



VERSUS was founded by Tanya Babic and Jason Sukadana.

With a combined background in visual art, live action and post-production, today they are joined by the talented people of Vs. STUDIO to bring their creative vision to life.